Sunday, March 27, 2011

I think it is time for a change

When I started Stitching for a Cure over 2 years ago, it was in an effort to raise money and awareness for American Cancer Society Relay For Life.
It was extremely successful, but very time consuming. We accomplished more than I ever dreamed of.
But for some time I have felt the need to step back and perhaps focus on some other cause. It has been a struggle. I have felt torn.
Things became very clear this past week. Many of you have seen my posts on both my blog, this one and Princess Pattern Collector about my grandchildren.
Both the boys visited me last weekend and I knew something was wrong with my youngest, Craig. He was drinking a lot and having to go to the bathroom a lot. He turned 7 while he was visiting and had long grown out of wetting the bed. But while here, he did.
My daughter told me these symptoms had just started a few days before she visited and that she thought he possibly had a bladder infection. But the discussion soon turned to diabetes.
As soon as they returned home, she called the pediatric clinic. We are glad she did. Craig was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. He was hospitalized until yesterday. He is still having difficulty with spiking blood sugars but is doing well.
Craig is handling everything wonderfully. But as a grandmother, I worry about his long term health.
So now my focus, at least for now, has turned to helping raise awareness and funds for Juvenile Diabetes. I am not sure how my stitching and how this blog are going to play into everything, but I am convinced God will show me a plan.
Please follow me as I start on this path. Stitching for a cure. Hmm... Seems like there is more than one meaning for that phrase.
I love all of you. Thank you for your support!