Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vee did it again and a challenge

Vee has designed two new ornaments for us! They are name snowflakes and the links are on the right side of my blog with the other patterns.
Vee makes these name snowflake designs for sell on her website: Vee and Co.
Check them out.
She has been so generous to us with her designs for our cause!
Now here is the challenge: Beth has this wonderful Sweetheart Tree "Find the Cure" pattern and is offering it for free to anyone that would like to stitch it for the Stitching for a Cure project.
Here is the link:
Sweetheart Tree:"Find The Cure"
If you are interested, let me know and I will contact Beth.
Thanks to Beth and Vee and you all. We couldn't do this without all the wonderful support!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Some more ornaments from Jeanine

I opened my mail today and I had another surprise! Four more ornaments from Jeanine! Here they are:

Aren't they just the cutest? Jeanine does such beautiful work. These are different from the ones she has made in the past. Thanks Jeanine!
Don't forget about the opportunity to win Jo's Bear or the Peace, Love and a Cure hanging pillow! See my last post for details!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bears and angels

I received this large box from my friend Marian of http://gumboandgrits.blogspot.com
Inside was a handmade bear that is too cute for words. This bear measures 22 inches long and since she is a lady, I won't tell you her waist size, but let's just say she is fluffy! Her body is made of pink fabric with wonderful "fruits of the spirit" wording on it. Her vest is of fabric with the cutest pink ribbons. And that hat! It is purple with pink ribbons and a pink bow on it. She is Jo's Bear, named after a fellow stitcher who lost her battle with cancer.
Marian also stitched up LK's Peace, Love and a Cure and made it into a hanging pillow. The stitching is fabulous and the border is the same fabric that Jo's Bear's vest is made of.
Without further ado, here is Jo's bear and the pillow:

But wait! That is not all she sent! She sent these 5 ornaments also:

WOW! Amazing! The tree is going to look glorious.
I am going to raffle off Jo's Bear and the Peace,Love & a Cure hanging pillow. Drawing will be AUGUST 3rd. Here is how you can enter:
Tickets for the raffle are $1 a piece. The bear and the pillow are two separate raffles.
To enter, you can go to the right side of my blog and click on the Stitching for a Cure Relay Team Link. That will take you to our Relay For Life team site. Go to donations and then you can donate how much you would like ($1 for one ticket, $5 for 5, etc). Once you have donated, then send me an e-mail: stitchingforacure@yahoo.com
and let me know which drawing or drawings you want to be entered in.
If you don't have a credit or debit card or you don't want to do it this way, you can send me a check along with the info about what drawing you want to be entered in. All checks MUST be made out to American Cancer Society.
Remember all proceeds go to ACS!

If you have questions, please leave me a message! Thanks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I met a ROCKSTAR named MaKenzie!

Have you ever met a rock star or a movie star? Were you awestruck? Did you tell all your friends about it? Did it make you smile for days?
Well, I feel the same way. Only my Rock Star isn't really a rock star. But she is a star in my eyes.
I met MaKenzie tonight (and her mother Wendy). Yes THE MAKENZIE! The little girl I stitched the zebra print ornament for. Her mom spoke at our Relay For Life team meeting. I wished I had my camera because honestly she was the prettiest little girl I have ever seen.
When folks were taking pictures of her, they would say "say cheese" and she would break out into the cutest smile!
When I introduced myself to her mom I felt like I was meeting someone I had known all my life. She said that the blog gives her inspiration. Imagine that! We are giving someone inspiration.
She talked about the ornament and the word "hope" that is on it. She talked about how important that is when you are in the midst of the war.
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY! She said they had found a chemotherapy that seemed to be working! The tumors from her liver and lungs ARE GONE! They will do a bone scan to see if the tumors on her pelvis are gone soon.
This sweet 22 month old girl has encouraged me so much. Both with this project and with my job. If you read my other blog, you know what I am talking about. Little MaKenzie used several units of blood during her treatment. Which makes me know my "real" job is very important.
When we left the meeting, that sweet baby blew my husband James and I a kiss. I can tell you I haven't seen that big a smile on my husband's face in a long time. And I can just imagine how big my smile was!
I still have ornaments to make for MaKenzie's family. They will have the word hope on one side and MaKenzie on the back. So far, I have to make 10 of them.
Not much for a ROCKSTAR! Rock on MaKenzie!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Late but here it is

I received this ornament from Regina aka Riona awhile ago. But it has been so crazy around here that it took me awhile to post it. So here it is!

I have been working on another project for SFAC. Most of you saw the zebra print ornament I did for MacKenzie. Her family has asked me to do 10 of these with the word hope on the front and MacKenzie on the back of the ornament. They are going to donate some money for the SFAC project for it. But most importantly it might give the family some hope while this sweet child is battling for her life.
So press on with the project. We will make a difference. Thanks to all!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New and Updated Patterns

Hooray! We have found the pattern for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Angel and you can find a link to it on the right hand side of this blog. In addition, Vee of VeeandCo. has graciously designed another fabulous ornament pattern called "Seeds of Hope" which I have a link to it as well as a link to "Never Ending Cup Of Hope" pattern. Thank you Vee for these two wonderful designs! And here is a link to Vee's blog where you can find all kinds of other gorgeous designs she has created!