Saturday, June 20, 2009

Late but here it is

I received this ornament from Regina aka Riona awhile ago. But it has been so crazy around here that it took me awhile to post it. So here it is!

I have been working on another project for SFAC. Most of you saw the zebra print ornament I did for MacKenzie. Her family has asked me to do 10 of these with the word hope on the front and MacKenzie on the back of the ornament. They are going to donate some money for the SFAC project for it. But most importantly it might give the family some hope while this sweet child is battling for her life.
So press on with the project. We will make a difference. Thanks to all!


Carissa said...


Gabi said...

Gorgeous ornament!!!

Cindy F. said...

Regina did a beautiful job!

Keeping MacKenzie in my thoughts and prayers.

Karan said...

Gorgeous! :0)