Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hello it's me!

I know I have been MIA lately. Please excuse me. I have been incredibly busy with work.
Many of you followed me during my Aha Moment with Mutual of Omaha.
They are to the voting stage. If you are interested you can view the site. If you like please click on the Facebook "like" button or on the tweet button just below my picture before the stitching for a cure writing. Also if you will vote to the side of it where it says how you found the video to be.
I am now #21 most popular of 2011. The top ten will be looked at for a national commercial.
Thanks. The link is: My Aha

Sunday, August 21, 2011


When I made the decision not to work on any projects for ACS Stitching for a Cure project this year, I was afraid I would lose touch with all of you who have meant so much to me. Luckily for the most part, that has not happened. I have kept up with you all through your blogs, and FB.
I have thought a lot about you here lately. I have been so blessed with such good friends. I still can't believe how all of you responded to my request to help and sent such beautiful ornaments and quilt squares. We made such a difference in so many lives.
I was also looking at the beautiful quilt and pillow that many of you made for me. It is too hot to even think about wrapping up in it, but I am looking really forward to cooler days when I can. It is so pretty and it was such a surprise when I received it. Thank you again to all of you.
Next year I will be diving into more projects, both for juvenile diabetes and for ACS. And I will be looking to all of you to help.
I hope you know how much you all mean to me. You are truly God's special gifts!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello All! This is Donna's daughter Jennifer. My mom said it would be OK to post this here so I hope it's OK with you all as well. As you all probably are aware, Stitching for a Cure switched to raising money for Juvenile Diabetes this year. My son, Craig, has Type 1 Diabetes and was diagnosed on March 23, 2011. I am running a small fundraiser to raise money for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

I am selling Juice Gems (lip glosses). They are made by mark. the cosmetics and fashion company I work for. They sell for $6.50 a piece and $2.00 off the sale of each one will be donated to JDRF. My goal is to sell 50 lipglosses and raise $100 for JDRF.

The Juice Gems are berry and fruit flavored lipglosses with a hint of color. Perfect for any girl or woman even if they don't wear make-up. Think of them as gifts for teachers (back to school), daughters/granddaughters, anyone you know! You'll be getting them a cute, affordable gift and helping a great cause at the same time!

For more information e-mail me at or check them out on my eBoutique and use code 'WELCOME' for free shipping!

Thank you all for listening to me! I hope you have a great day!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Must check this out!

My friend Marian posted this on her blog and I must share this brave girl's blog link. It is called Alice's Bucket List
Check it out.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Aha Moment

Well, my Aha Moment has been posted. Click on the words Aha Moment
It was interesting to see how they took the interview questions and made it into a video. Check it out if you like and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a day!

Today was the filming of My Aha Moment. It was quite the day! They treat you so well and it was so much fun.
I got to tell them all about you all and the wonderful work you did. I knew one of the three winners of the quilts and I was able to borrow it for the shoot. And I had one ornament left and I showed it during the interview.
I need to tell you I have several photos to show you.
First, here is a picture of me entering the Airstream that serves as the studio:

Once you go into the end of the Airstream, you enter into one room that is the camera room, then into the interview room. They have a chair stool for you. Dave, the cameraman, goes back into the first room and closes the door. Jess, the interviewer, is in the room with you.
Here I am getting ready for the interview:

She asks several probing questions. What made you start SFAC? Why do you like to cross stitch? How did people respond to your blog? What kind of satisfaction did you get from helping bring others to help make a difference? What would you tell people to encourage them to do something like this?
I showed the ornament:

Then I showed the quilt:

I talked at length about the quilts and the meaning of the colors. We also talked about the center piece, the poem "What Cancer Cannot Do".
Then they take your picture like you are a model:

I felt very special. They said that in about 3 weeks they will send me the link to the place on the website where the interview is. After they go to the other towns (Waco was the first on the 25 town tour) they will chose 75 videos. From those, people (like you) can vote on your favorite and the top 10 are commercials in 2012.
Very exciting! Just the possibility is exciting.
Here is a picture of me afterward, standing next to the Airstream:

All in all it was quite the day! It was really nice going back to my very first post to see what had inspired me to go on this journey. And what a journey it has been!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ready or not, here they come

Well it is almost time for me to share my Aha moment. I checked the website and they have a blog.
Evidently Waco is the first stop in the 2011 tour.
I am somewhat nervous. I am used to public speaking, but not something like this, that will be viewed on their website.
In getting ready for the interview, I decided I needed to color my hair. My gray roots were showing and it needed to be done. And I wanted to go back to red. I have colored my hair a number of times and with few exceptions it has always turned out well.
I experienced one of those few exceptions on Wednesday. I had asked my stylist for some tips and she gave me a formula. I followed it to the best of my ability. Now remember, we had done some serious highlighting on my hair for my birthday in February. And those highlights were still on my hair.
So what do you get when you mix red with white? Well pink of course. So here I was. Red hair with pink streaks.
So tonight I actually visited my stylist who "fixed" my hair and gave me a great cut too. She is even coming in on Tuesday morning, the day of the shoot and styling my hair. And it is her birthday. And it is her day off. But she is doing it for me. And something about "if it goes to a national commercial, I will show everyone that I was your stylist".
So keep your fingers crossed I don't do anything else. I don't lose my voice, etc. And let's hope I can get across what this blog and all of you mean to me.
Talk to you on Tuesday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Very exciting news

Have any of you seen the Mutual of Omaha's "Aha moment" commercials?
In order to make those commercials, they seek out individuals to tell about their "Aha Moments". They travel to about 25 towns a year with a mobile studio, interview folks and then put their stories on the website above. Then people vote on the story they like the best and 10 of them are selected to be national commercials.
I had the surprise of my life when the marketing director contacted me and said the mobile studio was coming to my town in April and they wanted to interview ME! about my stitching for a cure project.
Of course I said yes and on May 10 at 12:10 I will be telling my story! It will then go onto their website (I will get a link for you all to see and if you like, vote on).
I have no idea where they got my name or my blog from, but it is all very exciting!
So stay tuned! I will be posting more as soon as I know.

Friday, April 1, 2011

So here we go...

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Vee, of VeeandCo Cross Stitch Designs has done it again!
We have a new design for our new project.
Oh, I didn't tell you about the new project? Well, as usual I am ahead of myself.
We are going to be making ornaments or floss tag rings (your choice) and will sell them to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Awareness.
I do not have a venue yet to sell these at, but I am sure I will find one. I know my daughter's family will participate in a run at some point, so that might be a good place. We also have a healthcare alliance group here and they may be doing something also.
We are not on a huge deadline at this time, probably no earlier than October or November.
Here is a picture of the design:

The design, stitched as a 14 count will be about 2.8 inches square (design size). The total ornament will be around 3.5 inches square complete. It will be stitched on the stitcher's choice of color fabric, either 14 count or 28 count over 2.
Last time we did ornaments, some of you were concerned because you were finishing "challenged" (your words, not mine). So I will be happy to finish any ornaments that are stitched. I do ask that you cut your fabric at least 5 inches square so I will have enough fabric to wrap and finish.
I am also ordering some lip fabric to do the backs with. So if you would like some of that fabric to complete your ornament, shoot me an email. I found some on J&O Fabrics that I think is cute.
I will attach the pattern to the right top of the blog as I have done in the past.
And Susan Ebright of Trail Creek Farm Designs has given us rights to use her Lip Love pattern, which is now out of print. It will be similar to the design by Vee. I want to keep everything with the same "look".
I am going to need a charter to help convert the Lip Love pattern to the new design. If you think you are up to the challenge, please email me at my email address,
So folks, here we go again. We are stitching for a cure for a new project. But always, always making a difference, one stitch at a time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I think it is time for a change

When I started Stitching for a Cure over 2 years ago, it was in an effort to raise money and awareness for American Cancer Society Relay For Life.
It was extremely successful, but very time consuming. We accomplished more than I ever dreamed of.
But for some time I have felt the need to step back and perhaps focus on some other cause. It has been a struggle. I have felt torn.
Things became very clear this past week. Many of you have seen my posts on both my blog, this one and Princess Pattern Collector about my grandchildren.
Both the boys visited me last weekend and I knew something was wrong with my youngest, Craig. He was drinking a lot and having to go to the bathroom a lot. He turned 7 while he was visiting and had long grown out of wetting the bed. But while here, he did.
My daughter told me these symptoms had just started a few days before she visited and that she thought he possibly had a bladder infection. But the discussion soon turned to diabetes.
As soon as they returned home, she called the pediatric clinic. We are glad she did. Craig was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. He was hospitalized until yesterday. He is still having difficulty with spiking blood sugars but is doing well.
Craig is handling everything wonderfully. But as a grandmother, I worry about his long term health.
So now my focus, at least for now, has turned to helping raise awareness and funds for Juvenile Diabetes. I am not sure how my stitching and how this blog are going to play into everything, but I am convinced God will show me a plan.
Please follow me as I start on this path. Stitching for a cure. Hmm... Seems like there is more than one meaning for that phrase.
I love all of you. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Taking time off

Some of you have contacted me about what this year's project is going to be.
I have given it great thought and have decided I need to take some time off. This project has grown so big and last year was a tough year for me, both with my personal health and with the task of maintaining a Relay For Life team (make that 3 teams last year).
While I will still raise money for the Relay and while I am still dedicated to saving lives through it, I just need some time for my family and myself.
I will continue to post on this blog stories of survival and informational stuff. And I might even do a project or two for a later Relay. So stay tuned. I am not "going away". Just going to be in the background for awhile.
You all have been such an inspiration to me and I look forward to working with all of you again soon!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Christmas Miracle

Christmas Eve brought good news. REALLY GOOD NEWS!
My director and his wife were at MD Anderson for nearly two weeks. If you read the post prior to this one, you know they found a mass on her pancreas but were unable to get a biopsy for it. MD Anderson had the technology to deal with it and so they went there.
On the eve before Christmas Eve I received a message that it wasn't a mass after all but rather scar tissue from all the pancreatitis she had been dealing with. So there is no cancer.
And it looks like they will be able to control the problem with medications!
They were able to come home for Christmas and are now back at MD Anderson for more tests and possible treatments.
What a wonderful gift we were given! Prayers have been answered.
What I have learned from this is that even when you think there is no way things can get better, God is BIG enough!
Just after they went to MD Anderson, I had a donor come into my office. She had called me earlier about a special patient and we had shared a moment-a moment that God could do big things.
She had a bracelet that her church was giving out in support of this young woman she had called me about. It said simply "God is BIG enough"
I took that bracelet and have worn it since then.
No matter what your religion is or your particular thoughts on prayer, remember that God is BIG enough to handle whatever we have.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Really, that long?

Really has it been that long since I last posted? Can't be. But it has.
I haven't been stitching much at all. I haven't even thought about the next Relay For Life project.
The quilts went over really well. But the one request I get over and over is for something to sell as an individual item rather than a raffle.
So I think we will do ornaments again. I need to figure out which pattern. But generally any one of the several I have posted patterns for will work.
The past month or so has been really hard on me. My director's wife, who is an absolute angel, has a mass on her pancreas. No small mass. It is located on the valve where the blood supply goes from the pancreas to the liver. They tried to do a biopsy, but were unsuccessful.
They are now at MD Anderson in testing. The mass will have to be removed and that is no small task. And then there is the biopsy to see whether it is malignant or benign.
We have all been in prayer over this. She is such a faithful Christian and is just precious. I keep reminding myself this is why I Relay. But this is too close to home.
And it is so close to Christmas, which is her favorite holiday. Chances are she will be in the hospital for Christmas. Yuck. So Christmas will have to come to her.
Please pray for a miracle. We need one here. A big Christmas miracle.
Now, I refuse to end this post with bad news. It is Christmas. We have been blessed in so many ways. You have blessed me. You have brought joy to me. I hope I have done the same for you.
I found out recently that my youngest grandson Craig has taken it upon himself to pray for all the grandmas and great grandmas in his family. "Dear Looorrrrd, thank you for my family. And thank you for grandma, mo-mo, GG, abuella and all the grandmas. Please don't let a tornado or hurricane hit the house. And please don't let any space aliens come down from outer space. Amen."
At least we know we are up there with the big stuff, hurricanes and space aliens.
And to all a goodnight.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stop childhood cancer

A friend who lost her son to cancer posted this. I had to share it.
"Tonight, as you tucked your healthy kids into their own beds,or snuggled with them in yours,somewhere in some hospital,46 sets of parents were looking at their babies in shock after being told cancer had just invaded their lives. Tonight, 7 sets of parents are spending their first night without their children. IT pisses me off.STOP CHILDHOOD CANCER!"
Let's keep up the fight until we don't have to fight anymore.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Survivor walk, and Relay wrap up

We had a great time at Relay last year, but I won't lie. This year's Relay For Life was tough. I don't know why. Maybe it is because I did 3 Relays. Maybe it is because of the health challenges I had. But whatever it was, I am glad we did it and glad it is over.
I finished up last night with $940 total. I came to Relay last night with $909 in the bag and got another $31 at Relay.
I was disappointed that we finished up $60 under our goal of $1000 for this Relay. Then an amazing thing happened. My friend Debra messaged me on Facebook and said, you got your $60. WOW! WE DID IT! WE MADE $1000 at the Waco Relay For Life!
That brings our total for all three Relays to $2276. OVER $2000 MADE FOR AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY RELAY FOR LIFE!
I didn't do this alone. I did it with a lot of help from you, my friends. A LOT OF HELP. And I love each and every one of you for all your help. I talked a lot about you last night.
God bless each and every one of you. You have made a difference!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monday, October 4, 2010

New breast cancer awareness pattern

There is a new breast cancer awareness pattern at By the Bay Needleart blog
Hop over there and check it out. It is really cute!
And don't forget that October is breast cancer awareness month. When was the last time you were felt up?
The Waco Relay For Life is less than 2 weeks away. I am excited, but really ready for it to be over with. This year has been a tough one. Hopefully we will raise lots and lots of money for all the good things American Cancer Society does for local cancer patients!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

What could be better?

What could be better than this ornament made by a friend?

Well, 5 more ornaments made by friends!

You might recognize the first ornament as the one I posted before stitched by Janice B. The others were stitched by Trudy E, Barb B., Laurie D. (breast cancer survivor also) and Shiela F.
These kind ladies heard my plea for ornaments for the breast cancer survivor volunteers and stitched these, with the request that I finish them into ornaments. I was very happy to do that.
And we had such a great turnout for the plea with more ornaments than needed for the volunteers, so I asked them if I could use these for fundraising for Relay For Life. They said yes, so this Saturday I will be selling these six ornaments for $10 a piece at our fundraising craft fair/garage sale.
I will also be selling these completed pieces, which you have seen with the stitching finished, but not completely done.

And last but by no means least, I have this beautiful ornament made by Lisa for the survivor volunteers:

Thanks so much for all of your help! We will be selling tickets for the quilt drawing this weekend at the craft fair also. I am hoping to raise the last $236 to bring the Waco Relay money raised to $1000 by itself from these projects. That will be about a total of $1700 so far for all three Relays together!
So keep stitching and as we are bringing the 2010 Relay For Life to a close, think about whether we want to continue this project. I am thinking we could do individual ornaments that we sell individually rather than doing a drawing next year. You tell me what you want to do.
I will pop back in after the sale and let you know where we stand at that point!

Monday, September 6, 2010

The last

I have finished stitching my last piece for the 2010 Relay For Life. I still have several ornaments from friends I have to finish off into ornaments and I have to put the trim around this one, but I am through for now.
Here is a pic of it. It is the same "C is for Cure" freebie I did before but in different colors.

My focus now will be the Sept. 18th Craft Fair/Garage Sale that I will sell the ornaments and finished pieces at and also sell tickets for the last quilt. Then on Oct. 16th is the RELAY FOR LIFE! That will be my last opportunity to sell tickets and then we will draw the winner that night. I am $341 away from my goal of $1000 for this Relay alone. We are well over that amount for the other 2 Relays held earlier this year. I expect we come in around $2000 total this year for RFL which is absolutely amazing.
So if you have anything out there you want to donate for this year's RFL please send it my way. And get ready for 2011. We are going to blow it out of the water next year!
I will pop back in with more updates!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Childhood Cancer Month

Do you ever wonder why we are doing this project? I have to say that yes, at times, I have wondered why. Keeping up with everything, selling tickets, going to the Relays, sometimes it is overwhelming.
46 children will be diagnosed with cancer today. 9 of those children will die from it. Of the 37 who do survive, 25 of them will suffer from long-term or late onset side effects... things such as secondary cancers due to chemo treatment, fertility loss, memory loss, etc. Yes, they're sobering statistics. Yes, it's hard to read. But yes, it's reality. It's our reality. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Then I remember. DUH! We are making a difference. We are helping save lives with our talents. Relay For Life is the biggest fundraiser for American Cancer Society. So big that the theme "Relay isn't all we do, but all we do depends on Relay" has been the mantra this year.
So keep those needles flying. We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
And if you have a healthy child, hug them and say a prayer for those fighting the battle. Hugs to all of you!