Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Childhood Cancer Month

Do you ever wonder why we are doing this project? I have to say that yes, at times, I have wondered why. Keeping up with everything, selling tickets, going to the Relays, sometimes it is overwhelming.
46 children will be diagnosed with cancer today. 9 of those children will die from it. Of the 37 who do survive, 25 of them will suffer from long-term or late onset side effects... things such as secondary cancers due to chemo treatment, fertility loss, memory loss, etc. Yes, they're sobering statistics. Yes, it's hard to read. But yes, it's reality. It's our reality. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
Then I remember. DUH! We are making a difference. We are helping save lives with our talents. Relay For Life is the biggest fundraiser for American Cancer Society. So big that the theme "Relay isn't all we do, but all we do depends on Relay" has been the mantra this year.
So keep those needles flying. We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE!
And if you have a healthy child, hug them and say a prayer for those fighting the battle. Hugs to all of you!

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