Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A new ornament and a finsh

I have finished off the C is for Cure. I put a cute little yellow polka dot bow in the corner of the finished piece and on the back I have the cutest fabric that has Hope written all over it. I attached a miniature photo frame on the back so whoever purchases the piece can put a picture of a loved one in it. Hopefully it will bring in some money for ACS.
I received several of the blackwork pieces by my friends in MD. They requested I finish them into ornaments or smalls.
Here is one of them that I finished as an ornament (the hanger hasn't been put on it yet, though). It was made by Janice B. from Baltimore, MD. She is a breast cancer survivor! HOORAY FOR SURVIVORS!

Hopefully I will have more to show in a few days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another ornament from a friend

Karen stitched this beautiful ornament for the Reach For A Cure volunteers. I really appreciate it!
I have also received many other stitched pieces that need to be made into ornaments that we are going to sell the night of Relay For Life. I have ordered some fabric (it is that same Hope fabric that Jeanine used in my previous post) that I am going to finish them with.
I also stitched up the C is for Cure freebie by Lizzie Kate and Just Cross stitch magazine I talked about in my last post.

I used Strawberry Milkshake lugana by Silkweavers and changed the color of the threads. I think it is really cute!
Our last Relay in 2010 is on Oct. 16th. We will draw for the winner of the quilt at that time. Then take a deep breath and get ready for 2011!
Thanks again for everything. We really are in this together!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New pattern

Just Cross Stitch Magazine, Sept./Oct. issue has a new pattern from Lizzie Kate, C is for Cure. AND they have posted the freebie on their website: Just Cross Stitch
While I very much encourage you to purchase the whole issue because it has some really cute stuff in it, you can jump over in the meanwhile and print off this freebie!
I am off to stitch!
P.S. I have been asked if we will be doing another round of ornaments. The answer is YES! They won't be due until at least March for the next year's Relays (I think I am doing 2). The request from Relayers is that they want to be able to purchase individual ornaments rather than do a drawing for a group of them. So I am responding to their request for next year.
We are still selling tickets for the drawing for the last quilt for the Waco Relay For Life. That happens Oct. 16.
We will catch our breath, enjoy the holidays and start another year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ornaments for breast cancer survivors

I reached out to you asking for help making some ornaments for our volunteers who are breast cancer survivors and work on our Reach For Recovery fund raising luncheon.
And you responded! Last week and this week I have really enjoyed checking my mailbox.
I received this beautiful ornament from Meari

The back is so pretty and has a little charm that says "I made this for you".
And then yesterday I received this trio of ornaments from my friend Jeanine. They are so pretty, front and back.

The back of one of them has some really cute fabric that says "hope". I don't know where she got this fabric from, but it is just so cha-cha!

She also included 2 handmade bags. These bags are about 8x8 and have a nice little pocket inside. VERY, VERY NICE! I am going to sell these and raise even more money for Relay For Life!

I have had e-mails from a couple of others that they will be sending ornaments soon. The luncheon is in September so we are good on time.
Thank you is not enough for what all of you have done for this cause. We do make a difference with each stitch we take.