Saturday, August 21, 2010

New pattern

Just Cross Stitch Magazine, Sept./Oct. issue has a new pattern from Lizzie Kate, C is for Cure. AND they have posted the freebie on their website: Just Cross Stitch
While I very much encourage you to purchase the whole issue because it has some really cute stuff in it, you can jump over in the meanwhile and print off this freebie!
I am off to stitch!
P.S. I have been asked if we will be doing another round of ornaments. The answer is YES! They won't be due until at least March for the next year's Relays (I think I am doing 2). The request from Relayers is that they want to be able to purchase individual ornaments rather than do a drawing for a group of them. So I am responding to their request for next year.
We are still selling tickets for the drawing for the last quilt for the Waco Relay For Life. That happens Oct. 16.
We will catch our breath, enjoy the holidays and start another year!


riona said...

Will there be another collection of ornaments this fall ... if so, I'd be happy to stitch the C is for Cure ornament. Just got my JCS issue in the mail yeasterday.

Donna said...

Yes Riona we are going to do another collection of ornaments this fall for next year's Relay. They won't be due until at least March, maybe later!

Anonymous said...

riona beat me to it I wanted to stitch it also guess I will do the first one Lizzie Kate did instead. Is there a special way to finish them or can I send it to somone to finish for me as I am not really creative enought to finish it thanks Donna

Donna said...

I can finish it for you. I need about an inch border to finish it (minimum). Just let me know.

Meari said...

Thanks for the heads up on the LK cancer freebie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Donna I will let you know when I am ready to mail to you
Huggss Donna

Carolyn NC said...

This is adorable!