Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Stitch for a Cure?

I, as many of you, have been touched by cancer. I have friends who have had cancer, I have friends who have died from cancer and I work in a field where I deal with cancer patients and their families everyday. I don't like cancer.
Now that might seem like a funny thing to say, but I don't. And I would like to see cancer gone. That might put me out of a job because 75% of the patients that use blood are cancer patients. But I DON'T CARE!
So what can I do? What can any of us do? Well, one thing I like to do is stitch. And so I thought, how can my stitching help get rid of cancer? I stitched a piece called Peace, Love and a Cure by Lizzie Kate. Framed it and donated it to American Cancer Society. This Saturday night it is up for auction at their annual Relay For Life to help raise money for cancer awareness. I will let you know how it does.
That got me thinking. What if I stitched Christmas ornaments (one of my favorite things to do) and decorated a tree and put that up for auction next Christmas (2009)? Wow sounds great! But I don't think I can make enough ornaments myself to decorate a whole tree by then. Hmm????? What can I do?
Wait a minute! I have friends! I have friends who like to stitch! Maybe they could help!
And so I started this blog. I am meeting with the American Cancer Society on Nov. 4. I am choosing designs (probably about 3 or 4) that we will use for the tree. It will be in the colors pink for breast cancer and dark purple for general cancer. I have contacted a few designers to see if they can help.
I am now on the road do doing something. I hope you will go down this road with me. In the next few weeks I foresee things coming together. Please check back and see our progress. And don't forget, take care of yourself. Mammograms and colonoscopies aren't fun. But losing wonderful people like you isn't fun either.


Mel in Dubai said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and I would be more than happy to contribute by stitching as many ornaments as I am able.

Helena E said...

Sounds wonderful !! I am willing to contribute also. I work in the health field and like you detest the insidious diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer's ( I work on an Alzheimer's Unit. Please keep us updated.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Please let me know.... When you find out some more information. i might be willing to help out...

Meowstitcher said...

Awesome idea. Looking forward to watching the project grow. huggles, Marta

Carrie said...

Hi Donna I'd love to help as well. My sister is in remission from Hodgkins disease.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Would love to contribute an ornament does it have to be a pink ornament?

Beth said...

" And don't forget, take care of yourself. Mammograms and colonoscopies aren't fun."

VERY TRUE!! If I hadn't had a colonoscopy when I was 18 that found the 3,000-5,000 polyps, the doctor said "you'd be lucky to see 21." I'm 33 now and stitching away!!

I love this idea!! Good luck and I hope my health holds up enough that I can help!

Hugs & stitches,
Beth in Annapolis, MD

Jean said...

I'm happy to stitch an ornament - let me know the designs you are looking for or are you going to have all different ones? I will also post your site on my blog and maybe you will get a few more hits.

I am an RN in adolescent mental health so I'm always hoping for cures for all our diseases. I also know a lot of women with breast cancer and one recently died and it was a loss to the whole world- she was wonderful. A friend's daughter who is in her 30's had a double mastectomy this past Monday. Let's find a cure!