Monday, March 9, 2009

Hope for a cure-Organ, tissue and bone marrow donation

Hope. That is what keeps most cancer patients, their friends and families and those who are working for a cure, going. One simple word hope.
Green is also the color ribbon for organ and tissue donation and I am throwing in bone marrow donation into it also.
I received this dyed fabric from Penny. It is so pretty. And this floss is some of the Carrie's threads I bought. It is called Jelly Fish.
I felt the need to do something in spring time colors. And these two ornaments are just perfect. What better colors to spell out HOPE?
Do you know how easy it is to become an organ or tissue donor? In most states it is as simple as checking the box "yes I want to be an organ or tissue donor" on your driver's license. BUT most importantly, it is letting your family know that this is what you want after you are gone for it will be they that make this decision. Don't make them guess. TELL THEM! Remember, don't take your organs to heaven, we need them here on earth!
And do you know how easy it is to register for the bone marrow registry? As painless as swapping the inside of your mouth with a q-tip.
And while I am talking about pain (or painlessness) let me talk to you about donating bone marrow or in most cases now, stem cells. If you are a match for someone, mostly instead of bone marrow they will take stem cells from you. It is basically like donating blood. Very easy and very painless.
Donating bone marrow (if you are a match) is not really that bad either. It is a day treatment, you are asleep for the procedure and you are just a little sore in your hips for a day or so. Not too bad for what you would be doing: SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE!
And while Caucasian donors are always encouraged to register, if you are of some other ethnic background, you are so NEEDED! Because blood types are hereditary, sometimes it takes someone of the patient's ethnic background to be the PERFECT donor for them.
HOPE! We need it! But mostly we need you to help make a difference. That is what this project and this blog is all about. Giving hope to others!


Carolyn NC said...

So true! Love the ornaments. Enjoy your trip.

Mary said...

Wonderful ornies, and can't be for a better cause. Thanks for giving so many people hope. Hugs!

Rene la Frog said...

Another lovely ornament.

I know what you mean about letting your family know your wishes about being a donor and my DH and both my kids know I want them to donate any of my organs that could be used by someone and they all feel the same way.

Gabi said...

Lovely ornaments. Never thought about being a bone marrow donor. I'll have a look into that. Did you make that appointment btw?

Lou's addictions said...

I totally agree with you... I am registered for bone marrow donation but as I am a white female the chances of me being a match just now are unfortunately slim...

I love your ornaments

Gaga said...

Thank you so much for giving us such detail about all cancers.
All your stitching is so beautiful.

Debbie Jo said...

Very beautiful ornaments. All organ/tissue donations are truly wonderful gifts to give.

Cindy F. said...

Donna, you've done a beautiful job on these 3 ornies! Just gorgeous!!
and thank you for sharing and educating us. HUGS!

Karan said...

Love the rainbow thread & ribbon - gorgeous finishes. :0)