Friday, April 17, 2009

A challenge

For those of you who follow both my blogs, please excuse me but I will have the same message on both blogs.
Most of you know I am working on a project for American Cancer Society. We are stitching Christmas ornaments for a tree that will be raffled off and the money given to American Cancer Society.
My friend Mary and I were talking last night. I have been focused on getting enough ornaments for the tree. But I forgot one very important part of the tree: THE TOPPER!
I am thinking an angel would look great on top.
So here is my question to you: Do you know of a pattern for an angel to go on the top of the tree? Do you have any ideas on how I can make one? I would hate to have a store bought angel on top of this beautifully hand stitched decorated tree.
Any suggestions would be welcome! You can leave me a msg. here or an e-mail at
So put your thinking caps on and help me! Thanks.


Kristy said...

maybe a crocheted angel? as that would still be handmade

Tattycat said...

I'm with Kristy. A crocheted one is all I can think of. We all have patterns for stitched angels, but not any three dimentional ones. Do you have any crocheted ornaments for the tree so that it wouldn't be out of place?

Lula said...

Yes an angel sounds perfect. What a gorgeous idea. I'm sorry I don't know of any patterns.

Lula x

riona said...

Crocheted angels are lovely but it is possible to make a cross-stitched or embroidered angel ...using a doll torso and clothing it with a cross-stitched "gown" made by making a cone shape of linen affixed to the waist of the doll ... the torso can be modestly draped in ribbons or an antique crocheted doiley. There are some lovely dimensional embroidery techniques out there that would quite naturally "stiffen" the gown ... see the Pin Tangle blog's []recent posts if you want to see some examples of what I am talking about ... or a simply cross-stitched skirt could be stiffened with some fusible interfacing in a medium to heavy weight. If the time frame isn't too tight, I'd give this a shot but I would advise you to have a crocheted angel as a back-up. Leave a message for me at my own blog
[] if you are interested.

drea_dear said...

A stitched angel could be made to be 3 dimensional. I have some ideas spinning, I may get back to you on it.

Although a crocheted angel could have the ribbon motif stitched on her, too...

Patti said...

If it were me I would wait to hear from drea-dear because she has wonderful ideas. Love Patti xxx

Jeanine said...

How tall will the tree be. The taller the tree, the larger the topper would need to be. A taller topper would need to be fairly stiff or would need some sort of form or cone underneath it to keep it upright and stable. My neighbor puts a huge bow on her tree top with streamers that curl down to various lenghts. In a pinch, actual ribbon might be an option.