Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finally another square finished

I stitched this square for the quilt. It was made in honor of a friend of mine, Paula, who battled breast cancer and has won! She had a relatively new procedure and is completely clear! Woo hoo!
She and her husband Donald live in a small town close by us and are the coordinators for our blood drive there. They both work so hard and are so appreciated. They were even our Circle of Life winners for last year.
I have had several squares turned in now. I will be ordering the fabric to go with the squares soon and will send it all off to the quilter so she can start on it!
Thank you all so much! 2010 is going to be a busy year. I have 3 Relay For Life relays and we are doing a quilt a piece for two of them and the pillows for the other one. So I will need more stitchers to do a few more squares. When I get it figured out what is needed I will leave a post!

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riona said...

My square is done but I have mislaid your mailing address ... please send to me at reg mar acc at optonline dot net [deleting spaces and substituting proper symbols.]