Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some recognition!

Tonight I attended the Gatesville, TX Relay For Life team captain meeting. It was absolutely amazing! I love those folks there.
We sold $32 in "opportunity" (no raffle here, legal eagles) tickets for the quilt and for pillows. That means just on the Gatesville quilt we have sold $72 in "opportunity" tickets. That is just Gatesville. I have the Killeen one and the Waco one we have sold tickets for. And we are just beginning.
The best part is their hometown newspaper is doing an article on the quilts and on the wonderful part each of you have played in this fundraiser for such a great cause!
I have a craft fair on April 17 that I will be selling tickets at as well as another one on May 1st. So we have lots of time to raise money for Killeen/Gatesville and we have all the way until October for the Waco Relay!
I will post the article or the link to the article here when it comes out! Great job everyone!

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Karan said...

Great news Donna. Best of Luck for all the other events. :0)