Friday, April 1, 2011

So here we go...

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. Vee, of VeeandCo Cross Stitch Designs has done it again!
We have a new design for our new project.
Oh, I didn't tell you about the new project? Well, as usual I am ahead of myself.
We are going to be making ornaments or floss tag rings (your choice) and will sell them to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Awareness.
I do not have a venue yet to sell these at, but I am sure I will find one. I know my daughter's family will participate in a run at some point, so that might be a good place. We also have a healthcare alliance group here and they may be doing something also.
We are not on a huge deadline at this time, probably no earlier than October or November.
Here is a picture of the design:

The design, stitched as a 14 count will be about 2.8 inches square (design size). The total ornament will be around 3.5 inches square complete. It will be stitched on the stitcher's choice of color fabric, either 14 count or 28 count over 2.
Last time we did ornaments, some of you were concerned because you were finishing "challenged" (your words, not mine). So I will be happy to finish any ornaments that are stitched. I do ask that you cut your fabric at least 5 inches square so I will have enough fabric to wrap and finish.
I am also ordering some lip fabric to do the backs with. So if you would like some of that fabric to complete your ornament, shoot me an email. I found some on J&O Fabrics that I think is cute.
I will attach the pattern to the right top of the blog as I have done in the past.
And Susan Ebright of Trail Creek Farm Designs has given us rights to use her Lip Love pattern, which is now out of print. It will be similar to the design by Vee. I want to keep everything with the same "look".
I am going to need a charter to help convert the Lip Love pattern to the new design. If you think you are up to the challenge, please email me at my email address,
So folks, here we go again. We are stitching for a cure for a new project. But always, always making a difference, one stitch at a time.


crossstitchbibs said...

I would be very happy to stitch some lips for you!! I actually have some 6" squares that will be perfect for these lips!!

Carolyn NC said...

Very nice, Donna!

kaghos said...

Love it, mainly the lips