Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What a day!

Today was the filming of My Aha Moment. It was quite the day! They treat you so well and it was so much fun.
I got to tell them all about you all and the wonderful work you did. I knew one of the three winners of the quilts and I was able to borrow it for the shoot. And I had one ornament left and I showed it during the interview.
I need to tell you I have several photos to show you.
First, here is a picture of me entering the Airstream that serves as the studio:

Once you go into the end of the Airstream, you enter into one room that is the camera room, then into the interview room. They have a chair stool for you. Dave, the cameraman, goes back into the first room and closes the door. Jess, the interviewer, is in the room with you.
Here I am getting ready for the interview:

She asks several probing questions. What made you start SFAC? Why do you like to cross stitch? How did people respond to your blog? What kind of satisfaction did you get from helping bring others to help make a difference? What would you tell people to encourage them to do something like this?
I showed the ornament:

Then I showed the quilt:

I talked at length about the quilts and the meaning of the colors. We also talked about the center piece, the poem "What Cancer Cannot Do".
Then they take your picture like you are a model:

I felt very special. They said that in about 3 weeks they will send me the link to the place on the website where the interview is. After they go to the other towns (Waco was the first on the 25 town tour) they will chose 75 videos. From those, people (like you) can vote on your favorite and the top 10 are commercials in 2012.
Very exciting! Just the possibility is exciting.
Here is a picture of me afterward, standing next to the Airstream:

All in all it was quite the day! It was really nice going back to my very first post to see what had inspired me to go on this journey. And what a journey it has been!


April Mechelle said...

Donna sounds like you are Queen for the Day !!! Thanks for being a spokesperson for a Cure !!! I so enjoyed all the pictures of your big day !

crossstitchbibs said...

I am so happy they picked you for this and I am also happy that I stitched some of those ornaments and quilt squares!! You deserve the AHA moment and many many more!!!!! Big hugs to ya!!!

Gabi said...

That's fantastic. Good that you chose you and that you had the chance to tell them about the projects. It will help to get more attention to your causes, which is perfect. You're doing a fantastic job Donna

Nancy said...

Donna, sounds like it was alot of fun. I will be waiting to see the website. Can't wait until we can vote. Donna from Waco will be one of the commercials!!!! I just know it. You will have to vote of all stitchers and then some.

Nancy In Las Vegas!!

PS. Rene would be so proud and happy for you!!

Kay said...


That sounds like an amazing day you had! Looking forward to seeing the interview!

Mary said...

What an exciting day! You look beautiful, and now I can say I actually KNOW a tv star!

mdgtjulie said...

Well done. I'm glad you had fun!!

Kathy said...

Oh Donna I am so pleased for you. Just make sure to let us know when the voting starts. We want to make sure you win so the whole world will know what a special person you are!!

Carolyn said...

So cool - congrats!

mdgtjulie said...

You looked great. I'll definitely vote for you. I hope you make it!!

Carol's Stitching said...

Awesome AHA moment for you! Looking forward to seeing the finished product and you have my vote!!! Hugs!