Friday, August 28, 2009

Stuart Little

I received this in an e-mail from a mother. It touched my heart. And it is the reason I have this blog. For all the Stuarts in the world. Please read this with an open heart. I had spoke on an earlier blog about how easy it is to get on the bone marrow registry.
A simple form, a simple swab on the inside of your mouth and you could be a true life saver!

This has become Stuart’s new role in life; he needs someone to be his match.
In 2008 a normal life changed when Stuart was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He had been a successful real estate agent with a promising future before the devastating news of leukemia. He had spent 6 yrs in the navy and fought in several conflicts. His last tour was in Operation Enduring Freedom. His navy career had been the most important and satisfying part of his life. He left the navy for the next aspect of his life. We don’t always know where that is.

His diagnosis has turned our family upside down. We have always been close and his diagnosis has changed our lives forever. He has gone through intense chemo treatments and many complications. He keeps his spirits high as his treatments take a toll on his body. He has completed his treatments and is doing well now.

This is where he needs your help to recover and get back to a well and productive life. He needs a bone marrow transplant. This procedure is one needed by thousands of people daily in order to save their lives. The need for donors has hit close to home for us since Stuart has been on the National Registry and has yet to find a donor.

Everyday new donors are signed up in the bone marrow donor program. If your not one of those who has signed up our plea is to you. The test involves a mouth swab to check for a match. The procedure is so simple if you’re a donor, one that can truly save a life and change yours forever.

Stuart, a person willing to put himself out to help wherever he could help, has always been there if anyone needed a helping hand. He needs help now from the person out there that could be his match. Do the right thing, sign up today. He might just be waiting for you.