Sunday, September 13, 2009

Calling all ornaments and the TREE TOPPER!

I have been amazed several times during this project. Amazed that so many people would take their precious talent and precious stitching time to make these ornaments. Amazed that so many people would share with me their stories of themselves, family members and friends who have fought the battle with cancer. Some have won, some have lost and some are still fighting.
On October 22, 2008 I started this blog and asked those who wanted to participate to join me in the fight against cancer. In the past year, almost weekly, my mail has brought ornaments. Some in big boxes with lots of ornaments, some in an envelope with one or two ornaments.
Each one was made with love. Each one is so beautiful in it's own right.
I received a box of 64 pink and white ornaments from Cindy's "Aunt Sue". This included a pink angel tree topper. I decided then that we would not do one, but two trees. The big one and a smaller one with the pink & white ornaments in honor of October being breast cancer awareness month.
This pink & white tree will make it's debut at a Relay For Life craft show. Raffle tickets will be $1 each. After the craft show, it will be displayed in our donor center where we will continue to sell tickets. It will also be displayed on October 17th, the night of Relay. Again we will sell tickets. It will be raffled off on November 1.
The 6 foot tree will debut the night of Relay, Oct. 17th. Tickets for it will be $5 each or 5 for $20. After Relay, it too will be displayed at the donor center and tickets sold for it. That tree will be raffled off on Thanksgiving Day. I thought it was appropriate to do it then. One we will give thanks for all those who helped make a difference and two most people put their trees up on the Friday after Thanksgiving or during that weekend.
At some point during this project I wondered out loud if I would have enough ornaments to decorate a 6 foot tree.
I needn't worried. I just counted the ornaments and not including the 64 ornaments for the pink & white tree, I have 103 ornaments. Amazing. These ornaments will fill a tree. A tree like no other.
So now, I am calling all ornaments. If you have an ornament that you want to be on the tree, please send them in between now and October 17th.
And I am pleased to announce that Aunt Sue has made the tree topper for the 6 foot tree also. It is done in purple thread, the color for general cancer awareness.
So with no further ado, let me present to you the 2009 Relay For Life Stitching for a Cure tree topper:

Thanks to all, whether you stitched an ornament, shared this blog with friends or supported us with your thoughts and prayers. You have been a blessing to me!
I will continue to post as the trees make their debuts and I will post pictures of the trees.


kaghos said...

the angel is awesome, keep up the good work.

Bizee Fingers said...

Aunt Sue is one talented lady!! The topper is gorgeous!! I cant wait to see the whole tree decked out!

Cindy's Stitching said...

That is just beautiful. What an excellent job she did. Tell her she is talented. I was so happy to donate an ornament and I am sure this project will make a difference. It is always better to give than receive. I can't wait to see the pictures of the trees. They will be amazing.

Cindy - NY

Cindy F. said...

Donna, I don't know if you realize how special YOU are to us all. You have taken on this incredible dream and we are all watching it become a reality. A most awesome reality! I'm so happy you let us all be apart of this and I pray the money you raise will help find cures for our loved ones.
You and my Aunt Sue are both angels and I'm blessed to have you both in my life.
Love and hugs...

Tara said...

WOW!!! That topper is awesome! Amazing! Beautiful!

J Rae said...


Aunt Sue is the best!

Cyndi said...

That Angel is just spectacular!
Great job!

Karan said...

Oh the angel is a stunner! I will extract my digit & get those ornies finished & sent soon. :0)