Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pink & White

Today I displayed the pink & white tree for the first time at an ACS Craft Fair. We had a fair turnout, but not quite as much as we expected. We sold $59 worth of raffle tickets for the tree.
But the majority of the teams had their own booths and weren't totally able to break away to purchase tickets. We will probably sell quite a few more at our meeting on Tuesday.
The tree will now hang out in our donor center where we will continue to sell tickets until the night of Relay, Oct. 17th. Then it, along with the big tree, will be at Relay and that is where most of the ticket selling will occur.
I hope to make $500 off of this tree alone. It should be quite do-able. I am also going to have some media coverage after Relay.
The pink & white tree will be raffled on November 1. It is in honor of breast cancer awareness month. The other tree will be raffled off on Thanksgiving.
So we are still along way from the finish line on collecting money for ACS.
Here are a couple of pictures of the tree. The fair was outdoors and the colors of the ornaments don't show as pretty as they really are!
We did have a "fallen angel" problem with the tree topper. I will have to work on it. The wind played a part in the falling angel.

Thanks again Aunt Sue!


Cindy F. said...

AWESOME!! The $59 and the tree of beautiful ornies!! Good job:) and great start!!! Congrats Donna!

Bizee Fingers said...

You already know how AWESOME I think you are ;) Congrats on a great start, I just know this, and the Thanksgiving one are going to be a HUGE success!!

Gabi said...

That tree is looking awesome. Crossing fingers here that you make all goals. Great start!!!

kaghos said...

I just love the first ornat with the lace going over a ball. nice job

Tara said...

Those ornaments look great! I think you can do $500 no problem but if you don't, don't get discouraged. And what is this about media coverage?? Inquiring minds want to know.

Donna said...

Tara, I am pulling in all my PR favors on this one. We have a local station that is probably going to do a story on this. And then I am trying to get a story with our local paper. I have worked with our media here for about 10 years and I have the best PR rep working at my work with me, so I know we will get some coverage.

Karan said...

The tree looks amazing & what a great start. Hope you get lots of publicity to generate lots more ticket sales too. Well Done Donna! :0)

Meari said...

I don't think $59 is bad for the first day out. Do you have a cancer center nearby that you could maybe display the tree & sell raffle tickets? Or, maybe a mall that will allow you to set up a table?