Monday, November 17, 2008

The first ornament

I just saw the beginnings of the first ornament for this project. While I am sure folks out there are stitching away, I haven't seen any yet. So I was SO EXCITED to see one being worked on by Cindy at
It is beautiful! Thank you all so much. You are a blessing to so many!


Cindy F. said...

Hey, I'm excited to be stitching with you! And you, Donna, are a blessing to us all too!

Karan said...

There are pics of my finished ornie here:

Once the festive season is over I hope to stitch more & finish them differently. :0)

riona said...

I have completely finished one ornament as a flat ornament trimmed in braid and have finished cross-stitching my second one but have yet to do the finish-finish. Where do I send them once done ... probably by later this week. You can e-mail me at
with the informtion.

riona said...

I have finished the second ornament as well ... the first was Kylie's Heart and may be viewed on my 12/2 blog posting and the second is Dragonfly Stitches' Hope and may be viewed on the 12/12 blog posting

I'd like to send them to you sometime this week ... all I need is an address.

Anonymous said...