Friday, May 15, 2009

Ornaments in memory of

Sandy stitched these two beautiful ornaments. They are needle roll ornaments and are so, so pretty. She has some pulled work on them, beadwork and a Rhodes butterfly on one and a Rhodes heart on the other.
She did them in memory of some family members and added that to the back.

She did the pink one for her grandmother and the other one for her father and father in law. I think it is precious how she put the wording on the ornament.
Thanks so much for you help in this. If you would like to check out her blog, here it is:


Gabi said...

Beautiful ornaments. Sandy did a great job

ange said...

these are just goregous. being a puple junkie, i really love that one. your tree is going to be so awesome donna!

Carissa said...

Beautiful Donna!

Jeanine said...

Oh Sandy, these ornaments are fabulous. So much detail! Well done.