Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well folks, we have some money

I was at my Relay For Life team meeting tonight. I brought Mackenzie's zebra ornament to show as an example. One of my good friends said she needed something with a zebra print that had the word hope or cure on it.
She asked if I would sell the ornament and I thought for a minute and said yes. After all a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. She asked me what I wanted for it. It is one of the simplest ornaments I have made and only took me less than an hour to do the entire thing, finishing and all. So I said $15.
She then said, wouldn't you like to make more for your Relay project. I quickly said, give me $25. SOLD!
So we now have $25 for our project so far! Just $4975 more to go!
I asked around about getting a tree donated tonight. One of the local stores said they could probably help, but they don't know if they will have their trees in by Oct. 16th which is when the tree debuts.
I think I will probably use a tree I have right now to show off the ornaments if they are not in at that time. By the time we raffle it off the day before Thanksgiving I will have the actual Christmas tree in hand.
I am also going to be setting up an online Relay account that people can donate on line to. I will post the link when I get everything set. I know several people said they would like to donate some money rather than stitch an ornament.
So now I am off to make another ornament to replace this one. Good thing I can whip it out quick!


Nancy said...

Congrats on your first sell and on your way to meeting your goal!

5footrunt said...

How wonderful!

Mary said...

That's wonderful Donna! Before you know it, you will have met your goal and then some! HUGS

Rene la Frog said...

That is great Donna.

Gabi said...

That's great news. Congrats on the first money made for the Cancer project. Every dollar counts. :)

Cindy F. said...

Awesome!!! Congrats Donna!

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats on the first ornie sale!

Karan said...

Yay - well done on your first sale. Such a positive start! :0)

kaghos said...

I love what you do, very impressive work. But I have a question, since I'm not working right now and not sure when I will be is there anything I can do to help? I have a lot of stitching fabric, and floss.
and if I do get a job it's going to be part time for a while.