Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pattern Removed

This is Jennifer again. Donna and I noticed that one of the patterns called "Breast Cancer Ribbon" was not leading people to the right location. I don't know if it was something we did or on their end so we just removed this. If anyone happens to know where this is now located or saved it on their computer please e-mail me at . Thanks.


crossstitchbibs said...

Is this the pattern you are looking for?

Donna said...

No, it was the breast cancer angel.

cowgirlfromhanna said...

My ornament is compland waiting to go out in tomorrow's mail! I also posted a link to your blog on my blog,

hopefully a few other's may join in and send ornaments too! THANKS again for the organization of this entire project! Chris, the Cowgirl from Hanna, Indiana