Monday, January 25, 2010

Fabric for quilt #2 has arrived

I am so excited! The fabric for the back of quilt #2 arrived today. It is even prettier than the first piece of fabric.
I had originally ordered this fabric but they were out of it. So I went with the other fabric and while it is fantastic, this is more what I thought about using. It is purple, which is the color of Relay. It has purple ribbons on it and swirls of purple with wording on it such as "be generous", "help others", "join the fight-care about a cure", "overcome", "live", "love", "pray for a cure" and "help with hope". These are all words that describe what we are doing with this quilt and with this project. I just have one more square to have stitched and that is a yellow square for bladder cancer.
It is amazing. Soon we are going to have all the squares in and can send it off to be quilted also.
Then what???? We will have completed all our projects for all three Relays! I have several pillows we are going to raffle off for the 3rd Relay and several ornaments we will do silent auctions for at the team captains meetings.
I know I will be busy going to team captains meetings, committee meetings and actual Relays, along with selling raffle tickets for everything.
But it is hard to think that our project is finished for now. We Relay in April, June and October and then start again. So keep checking back here for new projects. We will get started again probably in mid-summer.
Any thoughts on what to do next? I want to see how the quilts do and we may do it again next year. This has been an easy to manage project, unlike the Christmas ornament project. But of course that project brought in over $1100. Wonder what these quilts will bring in?
Thank you to all who have participated. If you are interested in doing the yellow square please e-mail me. Check back here frequently for pictures of the finished quilt!


Emily said...

That is great fabric, and again sorry I could not do a square for the quilt.

Carolyn NC said...

It's so beautiful - will make such a pretty quilt!

Meari said...

Love the fabric!

Debra said...

The fabric is very pretty.

MaryT said...

Really pretty fabric.

J said...

Where did you find the fabric? I have been unable to find it locally. This year I am asking team members to create an art piece using the word HOPE for a mini art gallery. I used Brooke's needlework alphabet to spell HOPE. I would like to try your quilt for next year's event. Thank you. (I am going to frame a printed copy of the poem to put up with our art pieces.)