Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Very disappointed

You know I live in a beautiful world. One where kind people send ornaments and quilt blocks to help cancer patients they don't know. One where kind people I don't know make me a beautiful quilt.
So in this beautiful world, I cannot believe that someone would send out a prayer request for a cancer patient that didn't exist. Just for the heck of it. Make people like me cry over someone that doesn't exist. Make me pray for someone that doesn't exist.
In my past post (I left it up just so you can see how evil people can be), I asked for your prayers for someone. The friend that sent it to me believed it was real. I believed it was real.
But the hoax is on the original sender. Because you see, my God knew that. And he knew my heart and all of your hearts. And he just passed that prayer on to a real patient. One that needed true prayers.
Shame, shame on the original sender. I will pray for your heart, because that is true evil that lurks there.


Bizee Fingers said...

Donna, that is horrible!! I wish I knew what drove people to such lengths, do they think they are so unlovable or boring that simply being themselves isnt enough, they feel the need to create opportunities for attention??
I'm so sorry you were victim to this, and that being the wonderful caring soul you are can see past your own hurt and anger to pray for the instigator...you're beautiful sweetie!! ~Karen

Carolyn NC said...

How did you find out? I thought it was real, but it was six months to a year ago that I read about it.

Karan said...

I think the hoaxer is in need of prayers too - he/she has to be a very sick individual to want to perpetrate such a cruel hoax. Especially when what they send out into the world comes back to them. Sad!

silentsgirl said...

If I live to be 1000, I'll never understand the kick some people get out of perpetrating this nonsense. I'm sorry you were duped, Donna.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is horrible that someone did that to you.

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

I also read about 'him' and prayed but how did you find out it was fake? I don't understand why some people think up these things. What's their reasoning? What do they get out of it? crazys