Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What now?

Well, the last square of the last quilt is in. And the quilt is off to the quilter's (thanks Halina!).
So what now? I mean I still have three Relays to go to and I still have to sell raffle tickets for the quilts, the pillows and some ornies that were left over. But that is all stuff I do at the meetings and such.
What do I do about this blog? We won't be starting anymore projects until at least September or October for next year and even then I don't have a clue what those projects will be.
I will of course, keep you updated with pics of the quilt when it is finished and on how much money we have raised.
I have missed stitching stuff just for fun. So I guess that is what I will focus my stitching on. And I have a few charity quilt squares I am working on.
But you tell me. What do you get from this blog? Do you want more educational posts on different forms of cancer and what American Cancer Society does? Do you want more stories of the patients I know, both those that are survivors and those who aren't?
How can I make this blog continue until our next project? I really need your input on what to do. You have made all of these projects a huge success. Thank you to all of you, whether you have stitched something or simply followed along with our progress. You will always have a piece of my heart.


crossstitchbibs said...

Keep the blog going!! Use informational information and also survival stories (testimonials) to encourage cancer patients.

Cyndi Harris ~ said...

I agree with Janet, maybe some inspirational survival stories. I believe the best medicine is hope and positive thinking.

Ann H. said...

I agree with the others but maybe also use it as a way to point people to organizations they can go to for help financially or emotionally. Once a person hears that C-word, it can be mind boggling for them.

Carolyn NC said...

You can keep the blog going by posting periodically while you're waiting. I agree with the others - inspirational survival stories would be wonderful. Anyone who's ever dealt with cancer (and others) would appreciate seeing someone else triumph over the situation. :)

Anonymous said...

yes I agree with them... stories.... I will be your first one if you want....

I love your blogs..

thanks Donna

Terry said...

I agree with Ann and Carolyn. Keep the stories coming. I love the idea of a site that can point you to the information you need to know about cancer. You've been a wonderful inspiration to us all. Thanks for all that you do Donna!