Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why do you Relay?

Or rather "why are you so involved this year in Relay? Last year and in the years past, all you did was go to the track the night of Relay" That was the question I was asked this afternoon by someone of me. I had to pick my chin up off the floor and just remind them that we are being a part of our community by participating in three Relay For Life walks this year. A part of the communities we serve.
And I realized that this person probably has no real idea of the time and effort I put into fundraising and volunteering for Relay For Life. And it is not just the night of Relay but for months before.
But on the way home, I thought about why I Relay. I Relay because most of the blood products we collect to help save lives are used by cancer patients.
I Relay because today a little girl named Layla Grace went to heaven because of neuroblastoma. And today, another child I don't know started treatment for cancer that might save them.
I Relay that we might find a cure for cancer in my lifetime. A CURE! Not another treatment, but an actual cure.
I Relay because I want to make sure that when a patient hears those words "you have cancer" and they don't know what to do, American Cancer Society will have the funds to be there to answer their questions and to help them.
I Relay because even though "bald is beautiful" most women don't feel that way and I want to make sure that the Look Good, Feel Better program is available to those folks.
I Relay because treatment clinics are not always in your backyard and the Ride to Recovery can help you get there. Gas is expensive and Relay helps with this.
I Relay because I can't do anything else but Relay. It is part of my soul, part of my heart and a big part of who I am.
Thank you for all your help in making these Relays successful. Because you are a big part of WHY I RELAY FOR LIFE!


Anonymous said...

Ok where is this person so I can smack them in the mouth... How dare they... Hang in there... and dont' let sour pusses get you down...


thanks for all you do...

Bizee Fingers said...

Wish there was a relay to help fight insensitivity and stupidity!!

Its usually the people who do little or nothing pointing the finger at someone else and asking "Is that all"...ignore them...you're a beautiful person and you always motivate me with your enthusiasm...

I relay for alot of the reasons you mentioned, but I also relay because other peoples dedication and drive get me going!!

Keep that head up girlfriend and mow that one down if they open their mouth again!!