Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a quilter!

One of my worries when I decided to do this quilt was that I did not sew or quilt.
I felt I could find stitchers to make the squares but I wasn't 100% sure I could find a quilter that would be willing to take on this project.
Silly me, I don't know why I worried about this. As with everything we have accomplished, the saying "if you build it, they will come" has been true.
So I am happy to announce that we have a quilter. Halina Miller from my Yahoo group, Quilts for breast cancer, has graciously agreed to do the quilting for us! Whew! Isn't that just fantastic?
The last two squares have now been taken as of 4:45 pm CST on 11/04:
Pink DMC 601 & 603 For Breast Cancer (TAKEN BY PIKE ON 11/04)
Brown DMC 433 & 436 For Colon Cancer (TAKEN BY RIONA ON 11/04)
They are done on 28 count Lugana with DMC. I will provide the fabric and the thread.
Thanks again so much for everything and THANK YOU HALINA!


Carolyn said...

That is fabulous news. Thank you Halina!

riona said...

Okay, Okay, Dad ... I get the message ... the colon cancer square is still available and you want me to stitch in your memory.

Seriously, I saw it the first time it was posted and felt I should do it ... but selfishly thought of all the fun projects in my rotation ... but since it is still here, I guess it was meant for me to stitch it.

I'll e-mail you tonight when I get home from work.

Carol said...

That is wonderful. Good luck with the quilt.

Gabi said...

That's great news Donna!!!

Karan said...

Great news. So glad everything is coming together with this new project. :0)

kaghos said...

congratulations, the mor the marrier

Halina said...

Any time. I look forward to helping Donna help me meet my hears desire.