Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Yahoo Group

Hello all! Our quilter for our new project, Halina, has a new Yahoo group. You might want to check it out and possibly consider joining the group.
Right now she and I are the only members, but it will grow I sure. Halina has been a part of the Yahoo group, Quilts for Breast Cancer and has put together many of the quilts for them.
On this new group, we can chat and do updates on the quilt squares and it will be another way to get out the message about what we are doing!
Thanks to Halina and all of you for what you are doing to make a difference!

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Bizee Fingers said...

Always a great to visit your blog Donna, going to go check out the group, had a great relay meeting last night, and few of the gals were really interested in doing some quilts similar to the ones we talked about, it will be great to get sewing again!! <3 Hugs