Saturday, November 7, 2009

Update on Trees

With the new project up and running I realized I hadn't given an update on the trees. We have made $1100 so far with the trees. I think we will start seeing a little more money coming in closer to Thanksgiving when people really start thinking of Christmas.
It is quite a bit less than the $5000 I would have liked to have made off the trees but still think how far that money can go toward helping cancer patients. How much gas can it buy for the Road to Recovery, a program that helps cancer patients get to their treatments. How many wigs and cosmetics can it buy to help with the Look Good, Feel Better program? That helps cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation to have licensed hairdressers and make up artists to show them how to look their best while dealing with the problems of chemo and radiation. How many cups of coffee will that buy for the support groups that ACS has to help folks while going through the fight of their life?
The answer too all of these questions is: More than they had before we started this project! And that my friends is a good answer.
We raffled off the small pink & white tree. The winner was a cancer survivor who is very active in cancer prevention in our area. She donated the tree to our local ACS office. So the tree not only made money for ACS, it will help bring a smile to those fighting the fight and those helping to fight the fight.
Thanks again to all. We are raffling off the big tree on Thanksgiving. I will let you know then our total numbers!

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Meari said...

That's great news! Every little bit helps :)