Monday, January 26, 2009

Another ornament from me

I have stitched another blackwork cancer ornament. This time in teal for ovarian cancer. I am not as fond of this ornament as I was the other one, but at least it is done. I used the same trim around it as I did the other. I coffee dyed the trim also like I had done before.
I do not know why this pattern gives me fits. It is not a difficult pattern. Just straight forward backstitching. But I have done more cussing on these two ornaments than I have done on any stitching in a long, long time.
And it is a diamond shape. For the life of me, when I go to finish it with my backboard, I cannot seem to get it straight. It is just a square turned on it's side but it gives me nothing but absolute problems.
And I have committed to myself to do one more of these blackwork ornaments in pink. Keep your fingers crossed.


Carolyn NC said...

It looks so good, Donna!

Karan said...

Worth the cussing - it looks lovely. :0)