Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New ornament has arrived

My friend Janet of http://crossstitchbibs.blogspot.com stitched this beautiful angel. And my one of my other friends, Beverly, made it into a hanging pillow ornament. Both did beautiful work. Bev stitches some beautiful pillows on EBay. She is known as kyla1dog so check her out. I have also stitched some things and had her make them into pillows and she does a great job, so if your sewing skills are the best, get with her. Her prices are great also.
Janet has made another ornament and 2 bookmarks for the project.
Thanks to both of you for a great job.


Kelly said...

The ornament is lovely!

Terri said...

THis ornament is very pretty

crossstitchbibs said...

Hey my angel looks pretty good. Many thanks to your friend for making it into a beautiful ornament.

Carolyn NC said...

This is lovely - both did great work!

Meari said...

Nice ornie!

Karan said...

Very pretty ornie. :0)

J said...

I have no idea how I happened onto your blog--through the highways, biways, and side roads of the internet.
I want to thank you for the cancer awareness patterns. I am going to use them for our Relay for Life team--We are Knit and Fit; soon to be Knit and Fit, Etc. Our site is to have an ornament tree this year. I know it will be a tough year--things have to be very affordable.
One DD does crafts and one DD said she thinks she could do your pattern--I am sure she can.
I have the outline prepared and now I am going in for the finish. Whatever ornaments don't sell at Relay, I will put online (monies to go to our team).
Again, thank you.