Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 days and counting

Today I begin the 10 days of counting before Relay. Each day I will focus on something different.
Today is a day of thanks.
First of all I have to thank all of you. Your support has meant more to me than you will ever know. Your stitching ornaments, messages of encouragement, prayers, etc. have kept me going through this year long journey.
Second of all, I must thank my husband. He has listened to me ramble on and on about this project. He has put up with me storing boxes of ornaments and keeping late nights on the computer, chatting with you all about the project and all that goes with it. He has had me stitching like a mad woman at times and talking to myself about batting, cording, and finishing challenges. He is my anchor and I couldn't do it without him. James, I love you!
Third, I have to thank my dear mother who has been my prayer warrior. I love you Mom!
Fourth, this project would not have even gotten started if it weren't for my daughter Jennifer's computer wizardry. She showed me how to get the blog started, how to post pictures and links, etc. She also listened to me ramble on and on about this. She encouraged me when I got nervous about everything and she will be here on Saturday night, October 17th to debut the tree. Jen, you are so precious to me and I love you.
Fifth, I must thank my co-workers. They too have listened to me ramble. They have had all the appropriate ooo's and ah's when ornies came in. They have supported me in this journey all the way. Thanks so much to all of them. Jim, Keith, Kristin, Stephanie, Dawn, Debra, Esmeralda, Janet, Lisa, Davena, Terry, Vicki, Colette, Yolanda, Carol & Sarah, thank you for not fussing when I presented this idea and all of it's challenges. We are a team and I could not do this without all of you!
Sixth, thank you to all of the patients who have told me their stories and thank you to the families who told me the stories of their friends and families when the friend and families couldn't. You are my inspiration!
Whew! Just 10 more days...


Mary said...

Aww, Donna, we all should be thanking you! Just for showing us how to open our hearts and take a peek into someone elses journey even for just a little bit. You are one special woman and I believe I speak for all of us when I say...we are all so blessed to count you as a friends. *Big Hug*

riona said...

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this project ... it's always good to connect with something larger than one's own little world.

Carrie said...

I too feel blessed to be just to get to be your friend Donna, to know how you've touched my heart with your love and passion for the cause. I know how Cancer has touched my family in earlier years, and right now it's currently raging within my niece with cervical cancer, she's got the worst type and she's only 28. We just got the news in Sept. and my own sister who's Hodgkin's has been in remission might have cervical cancer as well, it's like wow, all at once it's right in my face with this as you present this~! Why? How? Not for me to decide I know, he never gives us more then we can handle, and I'll lie down for both of them and they know it, and with your help, and the help all this does...~sigh~ I just keep looking and "thinking pink". Love you lady, you just don't know. But I do.