Friday, October 9, 2009

8 days and counting...

It is now 8 days until Relay. Deep breath, Donna, deep breath!
So what do you do if your doctor says those dreaded words "I think it is cancer"?
Well, first, you take a deep breath and remember that cancer doesn't mean death. It means you are going to be in a fight for your life and you are going to need all the strength you have and all the strength of your friends and family to get through it.
Now is the time to lean on others. Hard to do, but you are going to need them.
Second, go to That is the American Cancer Society website. There you can type in whatever your diagnosis is and pull up a multitude of information.
But it doesn't stop there. They have an on call nurse that you can talk to and they can advise you in the next step. They have support groups at the local ACS offices.
If you have to have treatment & have difficulty getting to your appointment, they have a program called Road to Recovery where trained volunteers will take you for your treatment.
And while you are undergoing treatment, they have a program called Look Good, Feel Better. They provide wigs for folks if they loose their hair during treatment, make up tips, bras for breast cancer survivors, etc.
Most of all, they are in the "survivor" business. They are here to help you.
Let's keep stitching for a cure...

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kaghos said...

in the early part of my menopause my mammogram showed up something so i had to get a better picture. once they where done the still where not sure so I had an ultrasound this started to get me worried. but once that was over they said that some times in menopause a shadow might show up, but they do extra screening to make sure.So lady's don't freak out if they want a closer look.