Sunday, October 11, 2009

6 days and counting

Folks we are less than one week away from the debut of the tree. Woo Hoo!
Did you know that American Cancer Society is the official sponsor of birthdays? It is! And you know how I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!
ACS helps people have more birthdays through education on cancer prevention and through new technology to help save cancer patients' lives. They are working on a cure everyday.
They give hope to those who feel they have no hope.
This next year, on my birthday, I am going to have a birthday celebration like no other. I am going to do a fundraising ACS birthday party. I want all gifts that people feel they want to give to me to celebrate my birthday to be given to help others. That can be in the form of a blood donation to help cancer patients who are having chemotherapy or a donation to ACS.
Won't you consider celebrating another year of life by donating to our Relay For Life team? You can help someone have another birthday!
You can donate by going to this link
and clicking on the donate now button. A $5 donation will make such a difference.
Happy birthday to all of you, wherever you are and whenever your birthday is!

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