Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just 2 more days & the chimpanzee check up

Just two more days before Relay. And I have 2 little reasons of my own to Relay for: My grandsons Trenton and Craig.
Did you know I am a cancer survivor? I am. 23 years now.
I had a non-melanoma skin cancer called a dermatofibrosarcoma. The doctors all thought it was a cyst and we let it go way longer than we should have. When the went to remove it in the doctor's office, they found out it was a 3 inch egg shaped tumor.
They still thought it probably was nothing and threw a few stitches in. But when it wouldn't heal after a week I went back to the doctor. That is when I found out it was a malignant cancer.
Another surgery to remove all traces and a couple of weeks recovery. And here I am today. Cancer free.
And here I am to let you know that not all malignant skin cancers are dark misshappened moles. This looked like a large pimple when it started and then just looked like a flesh colored knot on my lower back.
Have you ever seen chimpanzees checking each other for ticks? Well I call that the chimpanzee check up.
Only you aren't looking for ticks. You are looking for spots on your skin that don't look right.
Find someone that can do the chimpanzee check up with (your spouse, sibling, etc.)once a year. Do it head to toe, back to front. If they see something that doesn't look right, go to your doctor.
Let's all make out like monkeys and fight skin cancer together!

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