Friday, October 16, 2009

Just one more day until Relay

Well folks, it is really almost here. Tonight my family will be in from Houston to help me. Tomorrow (after taking Mom to the beautyshop of course!) we will load up and go to the track.
By about 2:00pm I will have both trees up and decorated. I can't wait. Please be prepared on Sunday and Monday for LOTS of pictures.
It has rained here for 3 weeks. Even as late as Tuesday it rained. But I am looking at the weather for this weekend and we should have sunny skies. Since a cold front came through yesterday so it will be quite chilly, but at least it will be dry!
Have you ever seen the Disney World tv ad? There are two kids giggling in bed. The dad tells them to go to sleep and they say they are too excited to sleep.
Well, I am too excited to sleep. The last few days have been followed by long nights.
But tomorrow is the day! Hooray! Let's raise a ton of money for cancer patients together. Are you ready to Relay?

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Carol said...

Good luck with it all and enjoy your day.